Penny’s Tips for the Summer

90% of visible ageing is caused by sun and pollution.

Pollution is a growing source of environmental damage. Together with the sun, pollution can accelerate the skin ageing cycle in two discrete ways:

  • Creating free radical damage
  • Depleting the skin’s natural antioxidant defences

Sun protection only blocks up to 55% of the damaging UV-induced free radicals and have not been proven to protect against pollution. Therefore, a second line of defence is needed.

Antioxidants are atoms that can neutralise free radicals and so render them harmless. However, human beings cannot synthesis their own antioxidants and rely on dietary sources mainly from fresh fruit and vegetables.

The body also tightly regulates the amount of antioxidants it delivers to the skin and will prioritise other more life supporting tissues and organs. The skin is often deficient in this vital form of protection.

The application of topical antioxidants to the skin is, therefore, of vital importance but they must be formulated properly such that the skin can absorb them.

The correct antioxidant and sunscreen can provide up to 96% protection from the ageing effects of the sun, compared with only 55% protection with sunscreen alone.

For more information on the combination of antioxidant and sunscreen that would be right for you, contact Penny.